Triple Impact Connections Announces 300 New Customer Care Jobs For Military Spouses

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Triple Impact Connections has introduced a new paradigm that brings an All-American workforce to the forefront of the Customer Experience marketplace.

This successful program, a veteran-owned Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) enterprise primarily staffed by military spouses, celebrates Veteran’s Day and Military Families’ Month by announcing plans to expand across the country after successfully operating its inaugural customer support center near Fort Hood Army base in Texas.

The Company plans to hire additional military spouses in America, by the end of 2020 as part of its ongoing commitment to expand the living-wage jobs it provides for military families, helping to bridge a 25 percent wage gap as compared to their civilian counterparts.

Triple Impact Connections is based in Killeen, Texas, and provides customer communications services to U.S. businesses. This model incorporates military values as guiding principles, which benefits companies, their customers, and military families by empowering military spouses with new skills, free training and well-paying career opportunities.

Triple Impact Connections provides military spouses with an accredited certification and offers stable employment that can transform the financial security of military families, in many cases doubling household income.

While military spouses are well educated and highly qualified for a range of careers, they face a 25 percent wage gap compared to their civilian counterparts. Seventy-seven percent of these spouses want or need work, yet frequent relocation is often a barrier to finding and maintaining a rewarding career. The inability of spouses to obtain and retain fulfilling employment as they relocate with the military compromises the quality of life of military families and the readiness of the military force.

Triple Impact Connections embraces and employs the military spouse community and creates an enduring value for companies that desire to offer an exceptional Customer Experience to their customers – a workforce based on lower attrition and improved customer engagement equals superior results. Chairman Bob Olds expands, “The impact of our partnership with MSEP is immeasurable! This unique program allows Triple Impact to leverage a virtually limitless talent source that’s perfectly matched for the Service Industry. Not only does it provide maximum value to our clients and their customers, it also provides the Nation’s Military Families with the type of economic support they so richly deserve.”

“Triple Impact Connections is an outstanding example of how corporate America can make a significant impact on the morale and retention of our nation’s military. I salute their focus on creating jobs for military spouses and supporting our veterans with their unique business model.”
—TG (Ret.) Tom Bostick, former Director of Personnel US Army and Commanding General US Army Recruiting Command

CEO Craig Mento sums up: “It’s an exciting new era in the Business Process Outsourcing world, and Triple Impact Connections will revolutionize customer satisfaction through superior service!”
Military spouses can apply for new employment opportunities at Triple Impact Connections.

Posted by Veronica Silva Cusi, news correspondent
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