Triple Impact Communications, A Veteran Owned Company On A Mission To Help Military Spouses Get Through Tough Unemployment Challenges.

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Right now more companies are focused on hiring military spouses but it is still a challenge. 22% of military spouses are still unemployed but, Marrissa Burdette, one military spouse in Killeen, Texas discusses how she struggled to find the right job.

Burdette said when she first moved to the area after her husband was transferred to Ford Hood, she struggled to find the right fit until she found Triple-Impact Communications in Killeen. Burdette has had a job for almost a year now.

President of Triple Impact Communications Bob Olds said he founded the company after years of pushing for more companies to hire military spouses and a career in the military himself encouraged him to form this company.

Burdette said the job has made a huge impact for her family instead of living paycheck to paycheck, she said that now they have reliable transportation and they are able to send their daughter into a good preschool.

Burdette said a lot of military spouses face difficulties to find a job which leads to unemployment for them. “Military spouse, you move within three years, so it’s harder to find a job and people don’t want to kind of invest in you if you’re leaving within three years,” Burdette said.

The Department of Defence has started military spouses employment partnership now which is encouraging companies to hire more military spouses. Olds said his company is about one of the 500 in the program after 86 new companies joined in December.

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Triple Impact Connections is a unique, Veteran- Owned communications solutions firm based solely in the US, utilizing primarily the spouses of American soldiers.

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