Our cloud technology platform gives our clients the ability to command and control their program operations through real time analytics and operational reporting

what we offer

Technology Features 10,000 ft level

Cloud based platform

Easily maintain and quickly expand agent work force as programs scale to match business volumes, scale and deploy in a matter of hours not days and weeks.

Omni Channel Platform

Email, SMS, Text, Social Media (ChatBot) AI intelligent, Voice.

Quality Management

Evolve traditional performance best practices by expanding quality management to include both voice and screen interactions. Empower managers with the ability to see and hear how an agent engages with customers across voice, Email, SMS, and Chat channels.

Customer Journey Analytics

Actively manage your entire customer base through on demand business intelligence reporting and analytics.

Secure Communications

Designed with advanced encryption, intrusion detection, firewalls, and a vulnerability management system to protect voice traffic and data. Redundant data centers mitigate service disruptions.
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We provide an integrated multi-channel communications platform, to efficiently serve customers across channels and provide analytics to drive continual improvement for your brand

Technology Specific Features
Virtual Desktops: Easily design, implement, and manage robust and secure client specified communication programs to PCI / PII Compliance for Secure Customer communications and data transactions.

Triple Impact’s Customer Analytics Accomplish The Following:

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